Have you ever signed a contract without reading what you were signing?  If you read it, did you understand all of the terms and conditions contained within the agreement? Did the terms of the contract match the deal you had negotiated? Many people sign contracts without reading the terms of the agreement.  Once an issue arises, it is often too late to renegotiate the contract you have already signed.

The Law Office of Carolyn Christoffersen provides thorough, cost-effective contract review for individuals and small businesses that cannot afford the cost of hiring an in-house attorney. Carolyn has experience as in-house counsel for an Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 corporation where she negotiated, drafted and reviewed contracts for each of the corporate departments.

Having the right type of contract is extremely important to ensure that you are agreeing to what you bargained for.  Carolyn can assist her clients with simple contracts, containing the essential terms of the deal along with the necessary legal protections.  She can also assist with complex contracts that analyze all potential legal issues along with ensuring the terms of the agreement are properly stated.

The Law Office of Carolyn Christoffersen can also assist our clients with the creation of customized contracts between their businesses and their customers, clients and vendors.  By creating contracts specific to our clients’ business needs, our clients benefit from contracts that match the actual terms of the agreement.